Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Preppy Attitude

Most people think that preppy kids are stuck up and snobby, but that is not the case! Preppy students are known for their cool, collected confidence that they give off to others. They are not trying to impress anyone.

How to get that Cool, Collected Confidence

-Be Happy! Always walk around with a smile on your face. People want to be around other people that are happy because it makes them happy. They dont want to be around kids that are always complaining about the little things in life. The preppy kids are not afraid to smile at other students when they walk around campus. Try it and watch how their face will glow right back!

-Speak up! When your at a party, don't shy away to the cornor with your normal social group. Preppy people are not afraid to just put themselves out there and jump into conversations.

-Walk tall! You look the part, so why not walk the part! Stand up strait and walk with a purpose. Your body language says alot about you. Preps that are confident are walking tall.

-Protect your Rep! Remember, no matter how big your campus is, things spread around fast. So keep that in mind when you do go to parties that whatever you do, others are watching. Avoid kissing everyone you know, you don't want 'sleezy' tagged onto your name. Also avoid getting drunk. You don't want to be known for that!

-Be Classy! Being preppy is all about being classy. It is not only about your outfit, but it is the entire package. The language you use, the way you present yourself, it all should portray an image of class.

-Be Nice! You have no reason to be rude or snobby. Treat others how you want to be treated. This really does work!

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